Let Your Light Shine


Year 6 had a fantastic trip to RAF Cosford this week to find out all about life in WWII.

I was surprised by the size of some of the planes but it was lovely to see them up close. (Samuel) My favourite part was when we were in the classroom with Jack. We got to learn lots of new things and he showed us what life would have been like in WWII. I also got to try on a soldier’s helmet...I looked very smart. (Prabhjot) I enjoyed visiting the hangars and learnt lots of fascinating facts about the amazing planes that were stored in them. (Sejal) I enjoyed testing out the science experiments. We were able to drop a fake bomb from a moving plane. It showed us how bombs were really dropped. (Zayba) We had the chance to experience a real air raid shelter. Everyone else was scared but I was not. (Miya)

Greet TSA