At St James within Geography, each child will explore the place, space, and scale of the world in which we live. This will be driven by enquiry and exploration. The children will find the balance between core knowledge and a sense of place. Through this core knowledge they will learn facts, new locations and develop key vocabulary. By exploring a sense of place, each child will use their knowledge and skills to develop their values and opinions on the Human and Physical Geography.  This will focus on their immediate environment as well as the wider world. It is our aim to equip each child with the knowledge and skills to recognise, question, and understand the interconnections within the world.  The knowledge and skills acquired by each child will allow them discuss issues such as climate change, cultural awareness and the next generation.

Our stimulating and ambitious Geography curriculum seeks to give each child a voice. This voice allows each child to represent their community as well as explore the wider world. At St James, we bring Geography to life by developing a sense of identity within the school and community.  Before expanding this identity to Birmingham, the United Kingdom and the wider world.