Marcia Hare (Chair of the Governing Body - Co-opted Governor)

I started out as a Parent Governor at my son’s primary school 28 years ago and then moved on to supporting his Secondary school.

I initially was approached by St. James, because it was felt I would be able to bring a fresh set of skills and knowledge to the school. I have enjoyed being the supportive Critical Friend to the school and being a part of the improvement and changes for the pupils and staff alike.

I am an experienced trained manager and have sat on various committees throughout my governing career, including Pay and Personal, Finance Committee, School Improvement Plan Group and Appeals Panel. I have also had experience of sitting in disciplinary hearings, pupil appeals and making some really difficult decisions in helping the school to move forward, as well as monitoring of the schools improvement.  I have also been involved in the past in the early transition of a local secondary school moving towards Academy status. 

I currently sit as the interim Chair and have had previous experience in being the chair.

I am committed to the improvement and the development of the school overall.  St James is a community, whose high quality pastoral care is at the heart of its ethos.  This is transferred out into the local community and is a strong reflection of the school.

My back ground experience is that I have worked for a long time in the mental health Field and in the Care and Social arena.  My outside interests are that I love to sing, I am a committed Christian and I have been involved in various community groups. 

Ajay Sethi (LA Governor)



Sadash Banger (Parent Governor)


Jodion Berry (Parent Governor)

As a mother of four children, I feel that I have a great understanding of the needs of both the parents and children, as well as the importance of the role of a teacher or member of the support staff working in a school.

I am someone who has worked with children, and someone who understands both the parents’ point of view, and the children’s needs.

I am a qualified Early Years practitioner, who has worked with children from 0 to 16 years, with over 13 years’ experience and I have also had experience as a youth worker.

My experiences have allowed me to understand the importance of the Early Years Foundation Stage, as well as the National Curriculum, and the needs of children as a whole, in order for them to reach their full potential in the learning environment.

I have a huge imagination. I am a very outgoing and friendly person, always wanting the best for others and our young people, someone who is very creative, very practical and very hands on.

I believe I have the drive, and I’m full of enthusiasm, commitment and a passion for children’s education that will help St. James to move forward.

Father Douglas (Foundation Governor)


Rekha Duggal (Co-opted Governor)

Having lived and worked in the local area for many years, I was honoured to become a school governor to contribute to the education and Wellbeing of children in the local community. 

As a Registered Nurse and Health Visitor, I am committed to ensuring that all children are valued, safe and achieve their full potential. 

Fulfilling my role as a school governor allows me to support the school’s vision and direction to ensure opportunities to all children; whilst letting their light shine. 

Kirandeep Sahota (Foundation Governor)

I have lived in Handsworth and been educated in the schools in our local area.  I am now a local businesswoman.

I agreed to be a school governor, as I believe that every child deserves an excellent education.  I am proud to be a Foundation Governor at the school, as it enables me to be an agent for bettering children’s education.

My future hope for our school is to allow every single one of our children to learn and to grow to their full potential, making a change and proving that every child from any background can become whatever they hope to be.


Robert McGowan (Staff Governor)

As a trainee teacher my first placement was at St James. I knew from the first day I walked through the doors that it was a very special place providing the best possible education it can offer. Having now worked at St James for 5 years I have been welcomed into the community of not only the school but Handsworth.

I was keen to become a Staff Governor as a way of showing my gratitude to the school and community for enabling me to learn more, and in turn teach about the importance of the multicultural society we live in.

Throughout my time at St James I have taught in Year 4 and Reception. Working in Reception has taught me the importance of communication with not only the pupils of St James but also the parents and wider community.

Sarah Cross (Head Teacher)

I am the Head Teacher at St James having joined the school in 2006. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the children here as well as leading in many areas such as Maths, Curriculum, PSHE. As Deputy for the last 5 years I have been heavily involved in developing the teaching and learning as well as safeguarding. I went to primary school in my home town of Ormskirk in Lancashire and I cherish every memory from that time  - our goal here is to give every child memorable experiences that they carry with them into their adulthood. 

I believe a child learns best when happy and valued and it is from this stance that I lead the school. As the Head I work alongside the governors to achieve this. We continually strive to adapt and grow so that we meet the standards expected for primary school children.