Life as a Church School

As a church school we have Christian beliefs and values at our heart. This means that every child and adult associated with the school is not just important because they are members of the school but because they are seen as unique individuals within God's creation.

St James Church of England Primary School is the ‘gift’ of the Church of England to the local community. We serve our community in Handsworth by working hard to provide an education of the highest quality that adds value to our children’s learning. We will help our children grow as people with strong values, building from our Christian values and reflecting the values of the faiths of our children. As a Church of England School in a multi-faith community, we will help our children to develop an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith. We are striving to create a community in Handsworth where children know and understand one another’s faiths and cultures so that they can learn to respect one another and to live in harmony.

Our Worship Council’s visit to St James Church