Our School Uniform

GIRLS’ “WINTER” UNIFORM                                                                        GIRLS’ “SUMMER” UNIFORM      

• Grey skirt / trousers / shalwaar (compulsory)                                          •Grey skirt / trousers / shalwaar  

•White blouse / Polo T-Shirt (compulsory)                                                 •White short-sleeved blouse / Polo T-Shirt 

• School tie (not compulsory)                                                                         •Green & white chequered dress

• School sweatshirt / jumper / kameeze                                                       •Green & white kameeze

•Black shoes (compulsory)                                                                             •Black shoes (no trainers) 





BOYS’ “WINTER” UNIFORM                                                                      BOYS’ “SUMMER” UNIFORM

•Grey trousers (compulsory)                                                                       •Grey trousers / shorts

•White shirt / Polo T-Shirt (compulsory)                                                  •White short-sleeved shirt / Polo T-Shirt 

•School tie (not compulsory)                                                                       •Black shoes (compulsory)  

•School sweatshirt / jumper

•Black shoes (compulsory)  



•Black Pumps/trainers (compulsory)

•Black shorts (compulsory)

•White/Yellow T-shirt (compulsory)

•Black Tracksuit Bottoms and Top for Outdoor P.E (compulsory)

All items can be purchased from all major supermarkets (Asda, Tesco, Morrisons & Sainsburys)

For items such as the school tie or if you would like to purchase items with our school logo on please visit Gogna Schoolwear at 67, 69 Rookery Rd, Handsworth, Birmingham B21 9QU

Tel: 0121 523 5572