Our Vision for our children with Special Educational Needs & Disability

We value all of our children equally, whatever the differences in their abilities or behaviours, and we believe that every child matters. We aim to meet the children’s individual needs and provide opportunities for them to make good progress. All children should enjoy reaching their learning goals and have this achievement celebrated.

We will work with children, parents and outside agencies to ensure that special needs are understood and appropriately supported.

Early identification and assessment of need, allocation of resources, close monitoring and the use of a relevant and differentiated curriculum will support children’s learning. This will be part of a planned programme of support and evaluation.

The support that we develop is planned to ensure that all children will be enabled to fully participate in their learning, the life of the school, and make a positive contribution to the school community. As the children grow and develop we aim that they become more independent and confident in their learning.

To find out more about Birmingham's Local Offer for SEND families, please visit the SEND Local Offer website -

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Please contact Mrs Nandra if you have any issues regarding SEND.