School Council

St James School Council

We strongly believe in listening to the pupils at our school and we do this by running a School Council. In their classes children run an election process and learn about democracy and investigate what the government and local council do for our community and country. They then create speeches to explain how they will represent their class and the school well and detail what they want to achieve.

Last year School Council successfully provided ideas for Christmas celebrations, Easter activities and gave great feedback on our successful drive towards excellent presentation across the school. The council were also very keen to work with members of staff to develop the lunch menu. They took part in a fantastic tasting afternoon, where they were able to explore different foods, share their thoughts on tastes and textures and engage in thoughtful discussions on school dinners. This is something they enjoyed very much.

Once elected, children meet with Staff regularly to discuss key issues at the school, plan key events, discuss charities they want to support and raise their own concerns under the any other business section of the meeting.  School Council members report back to their class, gather new ideas and return to the next meeting with great information to help make the school run smoothly.

School Council gives our pupils a voice.