Support for families

Working together in the community

At St James staff are committed to engaging with all of our families and supporting them in whatever way we can as part of our service to the wider school community. 

 We work closely with Handsworth Association of schools and they support us in providing food parcels for our families. They also host the Family Connect team who support families across the area with more personalised directed support. They also provide excellent curriculum opportunities for local schools to access through finding bids. Children have worked with a Green Influencer on how to reduce waste and make an impact on climate change. We are also working with them on a project called 'Every Journey Matters' exploring the local heritage and how we have all arrived here in Handsworth. We are proud to be part of this richly diverse community and want to ensure this is celebrated in school as part of our curriculum. Children in the juniors become members of the Young People's Parliament and access a wide range of visits and activities that support the community to develop. As part of our Harvest collection this year we gave back to Handsworth Association by stocking their food bank with donations from all of the St James families.


Beacon Church  We also work closely with Beacon Centre accessing their community support with our families. They support families in need with a range of opportunities or signposting them to the correct support. We have been able to get financial support for some families as well as opportunities for families and children to engage in activities in a safe space. Every Christmas they support families with special hampers to ease the financial burden of Christmas. 

Image preview  At St James School Staff are here to support and direct families to help as we serve this community. At our coffee mornings we invite specialist workers in to meet with families and help them with their problems and hopefully access more support. From housing, benefits, heating support, bereavement support, parenting and autism awareness. We aim to open the school to families who need us. 

If you ever find yourself in need, please contact Mrs Smith, Mrs Buckle, Mrs Sagoo or Mrs Pritchard - we are always ready to listen and help if we can.