At St James C of E Primary School, we have developed a comprehensive approach to teaching writing that focuses on nurturing creativity, linguistic proficiency, and effective communication. We begin the process with careful planning that has been developed over a number of years. Staff consider carefully the skills that are needed to be successful and plan the delivery of this through a ‘box it up’ structured approach. The next step involves breaking down and exposing children to exemplary models of writing to help them understand the elements of compelling composition.

We integrate the acquisition of punctuation, and grammar skills seamlessly within the context of writing, recognising the importance of practical application. Through shared and short bursts of writing exercises, pupils not only practice the punctuation and grammar skills they've learnt but also gain hands-on experience in crafting coherent and engaging pieces. Following the initial writing process, we emphasise the significance of editing and revision skills, teaching students how to refine their work for clarity and coherence. Finally, students experience the gratification of publishing their writing, sharing their creations with the class, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment in their final pieces.

Writing Overview

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