Benin Workshop

Year 6 enjoyed a wonderful workshop all about the Ancient Kingdom of Benin. They learnt where it was, about the people who lived there and the great leaders, who ruled over this civilisation.

The pupils took part in many fun activities: music, drumming African tunes and humming along to African songs; drama, creating freeze frames to demonstrate the jobs of the Edo people and acting out the invasion of the British; and dance, recreating an Oba’s royal procession.

They had a great workshop.

Forensic Workshop

As part of their ‘Identity’ topic, Year 6 took part in an exciting workshop all about Forensic Science.

The children dressed and worked as forensic scientists to solve the crime of the stolen house point trophy. Fingerprints, hair and fabric samples and shoe prints were all taken to conclude that Mr Channer was indeed the perpetrator of the crime.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their day.

“It was a really enjoyable day, and we had great fun. We took clothes fibres and hair fibres and analysed them to solve the crime.” Shalom

“I really enjoyed learning about Forensic Science. I have learnt a lot of new things like your hair has a chamber inside with the main colour. It can be seen under a microscope.” Zeeshan

“I learnt that every second part of your hair and skin fall off. We leave these everywhere we go.  It was a great experience with the Scientists.” Aisha

Arctic Explorer Visitor

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their visit from a real life explorer. He shared lots of his own experiences and photographs of his travels. The children loved taking part in the team building challenges and learnt a great deal about life in the poles. ‘It was epic!

Blood Heart

Year six became scientists in the Autumn term, when they dissected a real sheep’s heart.

The children put their knowledge to the test identifying all the key parts of the heart, including the veins, arteries and valves.

On opening the heart up, they tried hard to follow the flow of blood through this vital organ and share their technical knowledge.

Year six thoroughly enjoyed their moment as the next generation of scientists.

‘The heart did not feel how I expected it to. It was heavier and cold. The left side of the muscle was thicker and tougher as this pumps blood to all of our body.

I enjoyed the lesson as I felt like a scientist.’ Year six pupil.